Click here for a text description of the K4RO station.

The Operating Position.

I try to keep plenty of room behind the
desk for access to cabling & connectors..

The antenna feedpoints come together in the basement. There are chokes on every antenna feedpoint, as well as coaxial stub band pass filters for specific antennas.

A special RF relay switch allows either radio to use any of ten available antennas.

The antenna relays are controlled from this custom switching and indicator box.

The left radio is an Icom IC-781 transceiver. The transceiver was purchased at the Dayton flea market. The IC-781 is the ultimate contest radio, in my opinion. It's also the last of the great analog radios, and is available on the used market for a fraction of the original cost. The left IC-781 supports a two radio controller, band decoder, watt meter, and CW keyer. To the right of the rig is the Beverage receive antenna direction switch. The exercise balls are used to secure individual modules while still allowing easy service access. The idea came to me in the middle of a contest, when the CW keyer kept slipping away whenever I changed speed.

The right radio is an Icom IC-781 transceiver. The right IC-781 supports a band decoder, watt meter, and custom antenna control Nexus. The paddle is a Schurr Profi. To the right of the rig is an ICE-419 bandpass filter, surmounted by a speaker used for editing and mixing music. Also visible are more of the K4RO exercise ball module mounts.