Tennessee QSO Party TR-Log Configuration

Using the TRLog multiplier & configuration stub files

1.      Copy the .ZIP file to your \LOG directory.
2.      Unzip it.
3.      Create a directory under \LOG\CONTESTS for the TQP.
4.      Take a LOGCFG.DAT file from another contest you've operated in the
        past.  Copy it to the TQP directory.
5.      Edit this copy of LOGCFG.DAT.  At the end of the file, add the line
        INPUT CONFIG FILE = \LOG\TNCTY.CFG (if you're not in Tennessee, or)
        INPUT CONFIG FILE = \LOG\TNQSOTN.CFG (if you are in Tennessee).
6.      Run TR.  Make adjustments to the control-J menu and CW messages as
7.      Good luck!

HINTS: If you work a mobile, enter an extra letter with the /M suffix. For example, if you work W4XYZ/M in Shelby County, enter his call as W4XYZ/M0. Otherwise, if you work him again in, say, Madison County, TR will consider him a duplicate QSO. Change this letter with each additional QSO with the same mobile.

After the contest, be sure to double-check the scoring. Contest programs have trouble properly scoring the bonus for 6 or more QSOs with the same county, and with crediting Tennessee, USA, and Canada as multipliers.

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