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Tennessee QSO Party 2005 - Rules

(changes from 2005 in italics)

  • Contest Period:
    1800z Sunday, September 10 until 0100z Monday, September 11, 2006
  • Exchange:
    RS(T) and Tennessee County, U.S. state, Canadian province, or DXCC country.

    Tennessee stations may work anyone; those outside Tennessee work only Tennessee stations. Stations may be worked once per band/mode. Mobiles may be worked again if they change counties. No repeater contacts (or contacts on repeater frequencies) allowed.

  • Scoring:
    Two points per QSO on HF phone; three on HF CW; three on digital modes other than CW.

    Four points on VHF/UHF phone; six on VHF/UHF CW; six on VHF/UHF digital modes other than CW. Remember that repeater QSOs don't count, this includes packet digipeaters. Direct station-to-station packet contacts do count.

    Both on HF and VHF/UHF, CW and other digital modes now count separately. For example, you can work W9WI on 3540KHz CW; 3585KHz Baudot RTTY; and 3900KHz SSB, for three contacts on 80 meters. All digital modes besides CW are equivalent – if you've worked W9WI on 14085KHz Baudot RTTY you cannot work him again on 14070KHz PSK31.

    Multipliers are Tennessee counties. (95 max.) Stations in Tennessee may also add U.S. States, Canadian provinces/territories, and DXCC countries. (don't forget to count Tennessee as a state, and Alaska, Hawaii, USA, and Canada as countries.) District of Columbia counts as Maryland.

    You may also claim one bonus multiplier for every five additional QSOs with the same county. (for example, the first QSO with Davidson County is one multiplier. If five more QSOs are completed with Davidson Co. - for a total of six - you may claim a second multiplier.)

    Tennessee mobiles may claim as a multiplier any Tennessee county from which they complete at least 10 QSOs.

  • Bonus points:
    All entrants may claim 100 bonus points for each QSO with TCG headquarters station K4TCG. Tennessee mobile operators may claim 500 bonus points for each Tennessee county from which they complete at least 10 QSOs. All bonus points are added after the geographic multiplier.
  • Where to look:
    CW 1815, 3540, 7040, 14040, 21040, 28040
    Digital 3585, 7085, 14085, 21085, 28085
    SSB 1855, 3900, 7240, 14280, 21390, 28390
    Novice 3700, 7130, 21140, 28390
    VHF/UHF 50.195, 144.195, 146.55, 223.5, 446.0
  • Awards:
    Certificates will be awarded to the five highest scoring high-power; low-power (150 watts transmitter output or less); and QRP (5 watts transmitter output or less) Tennessee single-operator; multiple-operator; mobile; and VHF/UHF entries.

    Certificates will also be awarded to the highest scoring high-power; low-power; and QRP entry from each U.S. state, Canadian province/territory, and DXCC country.

    To encourage newcomers, in 2006 a certificate will also be awarded to each first-time entrant.

    Finally, certificates will be awarded to the first-place Tennessee team, and the first-place outside-Tennessee team.

    TCG Headquarters station K4TCG and the TCG itself are not eligible for awards.

  • Teams:
    A team consists of between two and five stations, with any number of operators. Teams do not need to be registered in advance, and team members do not need to be members of any radio club. Team members must indicate the name of their team on their entry. There is separate competition for teams whose members are in Tennessee and for teams whose members are outside the state.

    Multiple-operator stations may participate in team competition. If more than five stations in a club would like to participate in team competition, they may form more than one team.

  • Logs:
    Indicate band/mode, time, call worked, and QTH.

    Dupe and summary sheets are not required. (all logs are re-scored by computer) Please do include your callsign, power category (high, low, QRP), mailing address, team (if any) and (if you're in Tennessee) county. Mobiles must indicate county changes in their log.

    Computer logs are encouraged. Cabrillo format is especially appreciated, but any ASCII text format is acceptable. Email logs are best, but MS-DOS formatted 1.44MB floppy disks are also fine. Be sure to include all required information - especially your mailing address and, for Tennessee stations, your county.

    Template files for the TRLog and NA contest programs are posted on the TCG Home Page at http://www.k4ro.net/tcg.html. If you don't have Internet access, write W9WI at the address below for a copy.

    Logs must be postmarked before October 12. Enclose a business-size SASE for results, or watch the TCG Home Page. Thanks!

  • Address:
    Tennessee QSO Party 
    c/o Doug Smith, W9WI
    1389 Old Clarksville Pike
    Pleasant View, TN 37146-8098 
  • See you on the 10th; good luck!