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Photos from SEDCO 2009. K4BP photographer.

All ears for one of the presentations at SEDCO 2009.
Almost dinner! Ted W4NZ, Kirk K4RO with Susie, Jerry KI4ES.
And then it was just me and one sunspot......
Another table at the SEDCO dinner 2009.
ARRL Delta Division Vice Director David Norris K5UZ
ARRL info and main prize ticket sales.
Becky AF4QB and Jeff NY4N
Becky AF4QB, Jeff NY4N and Kirk W4PA at the SEDCO dinner.
Begali key give away.
Bill K4LTA and  XYL Ruby K4UPS at the SEDCO dinner.
Bob K4UEE & Pat from Icom
Bob K4UEE presented the K5D program.
Bob K7UEE speaks about the K5D Desecheo DXpedition.
Carl  N4AA
Carl N4AA and Ted W4NZ getting things ready for another presentation.
Carl N4AA speaks on his C6 Dxpedition.
Carl N4AA
Club Banners
Dave K4SV and Lynn W4NL
Dave K4SV
Dennis K7BV (right) giving info on Yaesu's line.
Dennis N7BV speaks on his 5J0BV 6m Dxpedition.
Dennis N7BV
DXCC card checking at SEDCO 2009.
Ed W2HTI, Eileen Ko4DI and John NA2R.
Elecraft display.
I think the batteries are in backwards! Dennis K7BV, Carl N4AA and Ted W4NZ.
Icom Booth
Jay K4ZLE speaking on Trials of installing Towers.
Jim AD4EB and Ted W4NZ
Jim AD4EB speaks on RTTY Contesting.
Josh W4WJF (seond from left) talking about his Willis Island DXpedetion.
Josh W4WJF
Julius N2WN TCG Facillator and XYL Rita at the SEDCO dinner.
K4RO Kirk
K4SV Dave
Kirk K4RO & Julius N2WN
Kirk K4RO & Susie.
Kirk K4RO
Kirk, K4RO
Knight display.
Lynn W4NL and Kirk K4RO
Lynn W4NL and Ward Silver N0AX
Lynn W4NL,  , Dave K4SV
Lynn W4NL, Carl N4AA, Dennis K7BV and Ted W4NZ.
Lynn W4NL
N4AA Carl A.K.A. C6AAA
N4AA Carl
N7BV Dennis speaking on 5J0BV.
Ned N1GU & Julius N2WN
Part of the ICOM display.
Part of the SEDCO crowd.
Part of the Yaesu display.
Pat with Icom (left) giving info on their display of rigs.
Rising water near the Mainstay parking lot at SEDCO 2009.
RTTY Contesting presented by Jim AD4EB.
Scott W4PA (center) at the ten-Tec display.
SEDCO 2009 dinner attendees.
Some of the upcoming KH4 Midway gang at the SEDCO dinner.
TCGers Back- Becky AF4QB, Jeff NY4N, Jerry KI4ES. Front- Jim AD4EB & Kirk K4RO
Ted W4NZ & Kirk K4RO
Ted W4NZ, Kirk K4RO & Julius N2WN
Ted W4NZ
The dinner chow line at SEDCO 2009.
Trying to win a Begali key.
W2HTI Ed, KO4DI Eileen and NA2R John represented the North Jersey DX Association.
W4NZ  Ted
W4NZ Ted, K4RO Kirk & N2WN Julius
W4NZ Ted
W4WJF Josh
Ward N0AX rubs Kirk K4RO's head for luck in hope for more sunspots.
Ward N0AX speaking ad SEDCO 2009.
Ward N0AX speaks about operating W1AW-KL7.
Ward N0AX telling a pirate story.
Ward Silver N0AX
Yaesu Booth

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